IT Services

OHM Clouds has a strong founding in IT infrastructure management and maintenance. The company has a team of experts with hands-on experience in managing IT infrastructure of large companies. The company ensures its clients get best value for money when it comes to making investments on IT infrastructure.

OHM Clouds offers the following IT related services:

Integrated Application and Hardware Maintenance: OHM Clouds provides comprehensive application and hardware maintenance and support services. Hardware maintenance are preventive and remedial services, which is physically repairing or optimizing the hardware for better performance. Application maintenance is done through Pay-As-You-Go, incident based support agreement. It also involves remote troubleshooting, installation assistance and usability assistance.

Office network perimeter security, setup and evaluation: OHM Clouds’s perimeter network security solution helps you to instantly detect perimeter security threats, allowing you to respond and reduce exposure, thus minimizing the impact. OHM Clouds offers two types of engagement models including advisory and managed services depending on customer’s business requirements.

IT Security Audits: Any organization is vulnerable to security threats and it requires thorough audit to identify the vulnerability of your IT infrastructure. OHM Clouds provides comprehensive IT security audits to identify and secure ‘soft spots’ in your IT infrastructure. It is a preventive service which can save you a great deal of money.

IT Audits: OHM Clouds conducts comprehensive IT audits to ascertain your IT requirements thoroughly and to optimize your investments on hardware and other IT infrastructure. Taking into consideration of your process mechanism and resources, OHM Clouds will conduct a thorough audit of your IT infrastructure and suggest a clear road map towards achieving maximum ROI on
your IT infrastructure investments.

IT Policy Making: The IT policy in your organization may be old or outdated. You may not be able to frame policies in line with your fast growth. For such organizations which require IT policy making to suit their size and operations, OHM Clouds offers IT Policy Making services. You can be sure that you have a robust and all-inclusive IT policy when it is allowed to be handled by OHM