Cloud Services

OHM Clouds is one of the premium cloud service providers in India. The company has a team of cloud computing experts who understand the technological, business and strategic needs of customers to switch to cloud and thus provide need-specific solutions appropriate to the size and type of the customer. The company provides cloud solutions to customers of all sizes and types including small businesses, large corporate, student communities, groups etc.,

OHM Clouds offers the following cloud related services:

Cloud Maintenance:

OHM Clouds provides comprehensive cloud services including initial cloud configuration, providing cloud infrastructure, managing software events and 24/7 maintenance support management and patch management.

Creating and managing private clouds:

OHM Clouds helps you get a quick private cloud solution. The company ensures that your operations remain productive without any time delay. You will get a secured cloud platform for consolidation, virtualization and automation of your server.

Migrating non-cloud application to cloud environment:

OHM Clouds ensures seamless and effective migration to cloud environment to enable a higher level of scalability, reliability and agility. The company will conduct an impact analysis and then build specific components and processes, test and refine, before deploying your new system in the cloud environment.

Creating and managing Hybrid clouds:

Hybrid cloud complements on-premise IT infrastructure and own data centres and embracing hydrid cloud is part of the IT strategy of many companies across the world now. OHM Clouds can help you turn to hybrid cloud solutions to cut costs, protect and control future IT investments and have more scalable processes.

OHM Clouds can help you get greater infrastructure visibility by offering hybrid cloud solution that enables:

  • Control and manage costs, IT capacity and regulatory issues
  • Data integration to support ‘cloud bursting’
  • Highly secured access
  • Dynamic provisioning