Hospital Information & Administration System

To Manage and Administer Hospitals effectively, we provide Hospital Information & Administration Systems for Clinics and Hospitals.

This Suite includes :-

1. Patient Management
2. Appointment management
3. Patient Medical History Information
4. Patient Allergic History Information
5. Patient Prescribed drug history
6. Doctor – Core – Prescription & Diagnosis Module
7. Hospital billing Module
8. In-patient sub-Suite (Contains complete sub-suite of IP Information Management & Billing)
9. Vaccination Module
10.SMS & Email Notification Module
11.Self-Service Kiosk for patients
13.Pharmacy Stock accounting
14.Pharmacy Billing
15.Hospital Stock/Fixed Asset Management
16.Hospital Ledgers
17.Hospital quarterly/half yearly and Annual Balance Sheet
18.Local Administration (Panchayat/Muncipality/Corporation) information broadcasting for outbreak of Communicable diseases.


1. Provision for Bio-metric authentication for Patients & Doctors , which can reduce human errors.
2. Queue system integration
3. Appointment Alert for Patients
4. Cluster out-break alert for patients
5. Vaccination alert for toddlers